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FENTY BEAUTY: The new Eaze Drop Tint|| product review

I have been really happy with the whole Fenty line, so I was really excited about this new Eaze drop tint. The fact that it moisturizes your face had me sold because i do have very dry skin and I'm constantly trying out new brands that work for me.

A new tinted moisturizer/ foundation from the Fenty Beauty line just came out and I'm absolutely delighted to be doing a review on it.

It comes in 25 shades and has light to medium coverage.

I was really happy that there was a guide to picking your shade, cos I was kind of confused as to what shade would go for my skin tone. I used my fingers to blend it into my face and I was really surprised with how easy it is to apply.

One of the few things I noticed while I was applying this product has to be how hydrating it made my skin feel, like within minutes of applying. i didn't have to use a lot of it though because it felt a bit 'liquidy'. I only used one layer of coverage cos I don't have a lot of acne or anything like that on my face, but you may want to add more layers if you feel like it doesn't give you as much coverage as you want.

So after about 5-6 hours hours with the foundation on, it did hold up nicely however, there were small cracks around my mouth area, maybe cos i smile too much lol.

The only downside, i would say is , it doesn't have any SPF, but the primer I use does have SPF in it. so be sure to apply some before using this product.

Overall, I'd say really nice product and i can't wait to see what else the Fenty line comes up with.

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