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Perfect skin is a major concern for a lot of people, not just the ladies, even guys worry about it too. People pay a lot of money on products and brands and end up disappointed or unhappy due to the lack of result of these products.

Have you heard of less is more? well in skin care, less is actually more. You don't have to spend so much on beauty products you don't need. Sometimes you just need to change some of your practices or improve your regimen.

1. Spend less time in the bathroom.

All you need is a gentle cleanser to clean your body, You don't have to spend a lot of time, scrubbing and washing your skin. this is actually very bad, because it does strip natural oils your skin produces and leaves your skin very dry, this is particularly not good for people with dry skin(you are trying to retain moisture, not lose it).

the more time you spend in the bathroom, the more you lose moisture

2. Use bath sponges or loofahs less.

The idea of having dirt or bacteria on your skin can sometimes influence how much or how hard you scrub. As much as its okay to scrub off dirt from your skin , you shouldn't do it everyday. rather than scrubbing your skin, you should you an exfoliator instead once a week if you have dry skin, and more than once for oily skin. Introduce it into your routine and see how your skin responds to it. A gentle exfoliator / scrub usually get the job done.

3.Stop copying other peoples routines.

Instead of copying other people's routines, develop one for yourself. one that meets your skin care needs. sometimes the reason you don't get the desired result from a product is because, it is not meant for you. the person you may be copying probably has a different skin type from you or has a different skin problem from you. I'm sure you don't want to be battling eczema when all you have is dry skin.

4. Use more serum than oils in your regimen.

There are some serums with very powerful ingredients that target your skin concerns and help you achieve the perfect skin. for example, people fighting acne, can introduce some retinoids or retinol into their regimen and it does give results.

5.Stop smoking

like it or not smoking does have its effect on the skin. not just the fact that is ages you but it also delays wound/ injuries from healing and it can lead to some infections and skin disorders, such as psoriasis and cutaneous lupus erythematosus.

6. Visit a dermatologist is nothing works.

Some times the problem might be deeper than we think. sometimes an underlying condition might be the reason why you don't have your perfect skin. when all else fails, pay a visit to your dermatologist and figure out the problem.

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